Most associations, organizations and guilds, regardless of their size, have one thing in common, generating enough income to maintain survivability and growth. Current economic factors and the lack of funding programs have placed a burden on the operating budgets, especially with, what we call, subsidiary or second tier associations.

For example, all states have large municipal and county associations that represent and serve the majority of city and county governments. The more specific associations for police, fire, clerks, etc., are smaller and most have difficulty in providing adequate income to the association because the major association has solicited most of the potential income sources through fundraising, vendor support and the sale of ancillary products.

These types of subsidiary groups, associations and guilds are what we specialize in. Our goal is to provide revenue generating insurance programs they can offer to their members that do not conflict with the larger, more dominant type organizations. Since 1969, The American Insurance Institute has helped generate over One Billion dollars in combined revenue for associations, organizations and guilds in all areas of the government, business and non-profit causes in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe through the use of voluntary life insurance programs throughout their membership.

Our program is “tried and true”. It requires no investment of administrative time or funding from the association, and will generate an income stream well into the future. It is a very simple program and the benefit to the association, in our experience, is huge.

Mr. W. Randy Murray, President
American Marketing Institute