A Quick Biography of William Randy Murray


The founder of the American Marketing Institute, William Randy Murray is without questionone of the five
Most accomplished people on the marketing and recruiting side of the life insurance industry of the twentieth century.

Beginning as just one man, knocking on neighborhood dorors, while a senior at the University of Georgia in 1969, Mr. Murray went on to build one of the largest and most profitable life insurance agencies in the United States producing 1,224,556 life and annuity policies and over $800,000,000 in first year premium during the decade of the 1990’s.

By his mid 30’s, he began working on a project that he knew would lead him through the remaining years of his career.  He knew there was a better way to personal production. He wanted to build an agency and every minute for the next thirty years of his life have been dedicated to helping companies and agencies hire new agents and brokers be it one or ten thousand .  By the early 1990’s, Mr. Murray’s own agency was up to 13,000 agents and brokers and he never looked back.  By 1995 he was working with insurance companies to help them build their agency field forces and in 1995, he worked with United States Life of New York to build enough new representation that they over doubled their new first year premium from 23,000,000 to over 48,000,000 in two years.  

In the last 10 years, Mr. Murray has worked with dozens of Life insurance companies and life and annuity firms building agency field forces that could only have been dreamed of a few years ago.  In the last five years especially, Mr. Murray has redirected his efforts from direct mail and telemarketing to internet based recruiting methods especially the use of email programs designed to get out the message to potential agents and let them decide on their own if the offer is something they want to look into further.

There are basically only four ways you can recruit to the life and annuity industry….either have a better company, a better product, a better commission, or a lead program that works and regardless of what a company or agency is taking to prospective agents, Mr. Murray knows best how to present it.  Today, Mr. Murray and his staff takes opportunities to potential new agents and brokers through professionally drawn advertisements and that message is delivered thru the world of emailing and the last five years has been spent gathering the best and most accurate email addresses of independent agents and brokers and eliminating the ones that are not in a position to join an independent company or firm.  As Mr. Murray says…"State Farm agents are great, but why should you spend your marketing and recruiting monies tryng to bring them to your company….they either can’t or won’t come. Spend your company dollars where they
do the best….going after those independent agents and brokers that can and will join your firm and build incremental premium for you."

Mr. Murray’s firm, The American Marketing Institute, is helping life and annuity companies and agencies recruit agents and brokers through display and voice emails broadcast to over 525,000 independent agents and brokers in the United States and Canada. Regardless of whether you want to take your company, a new product, a revised commission, or a lead program to the independent agents of the United States and Canada…The American Marketing Institute, Mr. Randy Murray, and quality email broadcasting will do it and do it quick.



As President of the Retail Druggist Association, I was charged with looking into additional ways to generate revenue. I had known Randy Murray for many years and when elected to the office of President, he was the first person I called – did he deliver! Without the income generated through his programs, we would not be the organization we are today.

Neil Pruitt
President, Pruitt and Associates
President, Emeritus - National Retail Druggist Association

Many people think that all tire dealers are wealthy, but it is far from the truth. When I assumed the position of President of the Retail Tire Dealers Association of America, I was immediately faced with a shortfall of funds. In a short time frame we were able to put together a voluntary insurance program for the employees of our member firms and we are what we are today because of that program and because Randy Murray was the architect of that program!

N. H. Hobgood
President, Toccoa Tire & Recapping
President, Emeritus - National Retail Tire Dealers Association

The Conference of Black Mayors of Georgia is one of the most important and vital organizations in the political arena of Georgia. However, like any other association, it requires income to sustain itself and Randy Murray of the American Marketing Institute provided the leadership we needed to generate that income. AMI's insurance program provided our member cities enormous success and we are projecting that for the next 12 months some $200,000 in incremental income will fund needed programs and salaries for our organization. I have known Mr. Murray several years and know him to be a man of honesty and integrity.

Willie Burns
Mayor Emeritus, Washington, Georgia
President, Black Mayors Conference of Georgia

When I worked my way through the chairs of the Georgia Municipal Association and became President in 1989, I had the opportunity to visit almost every city in the state over the next year and I could see Randy Murray's footprints everywhere. He works with so many municipalities and counties, helping them with insurance programs and the various elected and appointed officials in raising monies for their respective associations and groups. I am now semi-retired, bu will never forget the contribution Randy Murray made in helping so many people!

R. C. (Bob) Sosebee
City Councilman, Emeritus of Commerce, Georgia
President Emeritus - Georgia Municipal Association
Atlanta, Georgia

We knew how to provide information services to our members, but what we did not know was how to keep our doors open by having enough income to survive! Our dues were small and we found ourselves depending upon ads in our magazine and on vendors purchasing kiosk space at our annual convention. However, that was not enough to maintain the level of service and staff as we had provided in the past. Then we met Randy Murray and it was 1975 – from that time on we never looked back or worried about having enough income to meet our expenses and continue our work. Randy Murray instituted a program whereby we were able to tap into our member companies and provide the services they wanted and needed from us.

Edward McAfee
President Emeritus
Insurance Economics Society of America
Washington, D.C.

Randy Murray is truly a marketing genius. In all of the years I have been a businessman, I have never seen or been exposed to a greater marketing mind. Randy is the best at what he does, helping to generate income for the people who need it most. His methodologies and ideas are original and most importantly, very effective. Though people have tried to copy Randy's work, there is and always will be only one Randy Murray!

Brian Pope
President - Insurance Wholesalers, Inc.
Sacramento, California